Strathcona is honoured to have been featured on Another Magazine's Stuff We Love, StyleBubble, Vogue Italia, Vogue Australia, New York Magazine, W Magazine, Elle Mexico, Bullett Magazine, Dossier, Elle UK, Cool Hunting, Nylon Magazine, Bad Day Magazine, The Editorial Magazine, among other notable magazines and blogs. Our products can be found on-line and in select boutiques worldwide.

"It's pretty much a case of me staring wistfully at Strathcona's curious array of imagery on their website and addictive Tumblr... their tropical florals and foliage printed socks are the exact missing components in my plan... Let's hope Strathcona comes back soon from their otherworldly travels to bring us more delightful ways to cover up my mosqito ravaged and goosebump-marked legs." AKA Susie Buddle

"Strathcona Stockings are at once a reflection of this ethereal Canadian landscape and founder Ryley O'Byrne's distinct artistic vision."

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